TV Scripts

These are direct scripts from the MTV episodes which I wrote down myself, if you see any mistakes you can contact me to fix them but I've found there isn't anywhere on the internet where this script is available so I had to do it myself. Select which episode you'd like to see:

Episode 1 - in which we meet the Maxx
Episode 2 - in which the Maxx meets an Iz
Episode 3 - in which Julie is kidnapped
Episode 4 - in which there is an epic struggle
Episode 5 - in which we meet Sarah
Episode 6 - in which they see a movie
Episode 7 - in which Maxx watches cartoons
Episode 8 - in which Julie takes a trip
Episode 9 - in which Julie and Maxx visit the outback
Episode 10 - in which Julie runs out of toliet paper
Episode 11 - in which we watch a clip show
Episode 12 - in which Julie tells a story
Episode 13 - in which we end our journey