About The Maxx

About the Series

The Maxx was a comic book created by Sam Keith which started in March 1993 and continued for 35 issues spanning a spinoff series and guest apperences in other comics as well. Shortly after it was created MTV ordered for a 13-episode TV series to be made of the Maxx which aired through the summer of 1995. The TV series faithfully follow issues #1-11 of the comics and aired in MTV Oddities alongside The Head. The animation for the TV series is largely based on the comic books unique panel placement style and dark feel.

Brief Summary

Once upon a time there was a superhero who lived in a box in an alley. No wait- maybe he was just homeless? All that aside that person is the Maxx who travel from this world to the Outback (a place much like Australia, but not like the one you learn about in school), against his will. There in the Outback he meets the Jungle Queen a woman who is fierce and powerful ruler who bears a striking resembalance to his social worker in the real world, Julie. Also there's a mad man on the loose in the real world named Mr.Gone who is violating women in the streets of the city. Maybe Maxx should do something about that?