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    Welcome to Mabdese.net, my collective of personal sites since 2007.

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Who Am I?

Hi I'm Mab Miller I'm a 30-something currently residing in Tallinn, Estonia. Born and raised in New York, I lived in Pittsburgh for four years while getting my college degree, moved to Seattle for nearly eight years until ending up half way across the world.

I'm a writer and storyteller, but not by profession. I've been a teacher, advocate, IT worker, interpreter, and more. A few of my favorite things include socks, cooking, languages, having long discussions about the nature of humanity, and analyzing pop culture media.

For a quick glimpse into what I'm all about check out my Instagram and my sites below!

Find me?

Here are some of my sites

Mab Made Food

Tri-weekly updating food blog: lunches, menus, recipes, and more.

Tiny Voice

My personal writing blog (with ocassional pop media analysis).

Jungle Queen

A site dedicated to Sam Keith's comic book series, The Maxx.

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Tallinn, Estonia