Sarah is a complicated kid, you see when she was younger her dad killed himself at the office and left her mother and herself in the wake of the tragety. Sarah is about 15 when the series starts and she tells us that she wants to be a writer, therefore, she seeks out a lot of experiences. One of her favorite places to hang out is under an old underpass where she meets the Maxx, who says he knows her father. What Sarah is actually seeking is a connection that she lost with the world when her father died. Her mother, devestated by the sudden loss of her husband has tuned the world out, Sarah has glasses and is slightly overweight and has a sullen demenor making friendship hard for her. She uses her physical attributes as an excuse to keep everyone at arm's length so that no one can hurt her like her dad did.

Sarah's very bright though and she has one friend for a while at least in another outcast named Jimmy. He takes a dare and pulls her pants down during a dance causing Sarah pain and humiliation and the loss of her last friend. She takes a gun when she goes to forgive her, half in anger and half in desire to understand her fathers motives. She doesn't kill him and knows that in his shoes, she might have done that same thing. Sarah is very aware of her limits as a human being. Sarah sees a psuedo-therapist, Ms. Julie Winter's, a close friend of Sarah's mom but Julie just thinks that Sarah is a brat instead of seeing the pain and disillusion that Sarah's fathers death has caused her.

It's of the most suprise to Sarah when a piece of clay stars talking to her at school. She drags the clay around even though she is pretty sure she is going crazy. Eventually the clay reveals to her that she needs to get in touch with her spirit animal if she ever wants to move on in her life. She takes the clay to Julie in exchange for learning that her spirit animal is a wild Arabian horse. After hours of sitting on a building starring down a marble scupture of a horse, it finally speaks to her in a trite poster. Sarah understands. Unlike Julie, who runs from her spirit animal, Sarah begins to embrace it and learns great things about herself from this strange moment. She grows up over time and comes to terms when she learns the thing that she knew all along, that Mr.Gone was her father and that instead of being dead he had crossed over into the realm of the mind.

Sarah's story is continued in the comic books where she meets her Maxx, Norbert a giant clumsy Arabian horse. Her and Norbert go on an adventure to seek out a mysterious killer who is eating fingers. Sarah comes to terms with her dad, tries to help Julie out of a bad spot and refriends the Maxx, now a simple man named Dave. Sarah gives in to her destiny and allows herself the knownelge of her spirit animal which is why she is more sucessful than Julie in her Outback. She also changes her name from Sarah to Sara for unknown reasons.