A student of the mystic arts Mr.Gone is a strange fellow who not only narrates many parts of the story but also seems to know all the ins and outs of the other characters. Since he plays many roles within The Maxx it's hard to exactly pinpoint his character. In the TV series (or first arc of the comics) it would be impossible to say that the reader/viewer gets to really know who Mr.Gone is. There are several moments where he almost reveals himself but in the end they happen to be just as trite as the persona of Mr.Gone himself.

When we're first introduced to the idea of Mr.Gone we see him appear in the dark alley after Maxx is carted away by the police. He assults the woman and a radio tells us that there is a serial murder-rapist on the loose. In this way, we're introduced to the dark side of Mr.Gone. We could also count the person that Mr.Gone was before he became that rapist as an entirely different person than what he was before but for the sake of this character evaluation based 90% of the first arc of the comic and the TV series only, we will not be doing such. For more information on the other sides of Mr.Gone's personality please check out the comic book summaries and character analysis instead. Anyway there's isn't much else to Gone, he seems to be a geniunely strange factor in life. He rapes Glory in a laundry mat, kidnaps and intends to torture Julie and seems to be out to kill the Maxx. Gone knows things about Julie's past which seem to hurt her as he tries to reveal the truth about her.

We are only introduced to the original person Gone was during his story telling. His name was Artemis B. Gone and he was witness to Julie's childhood as a family friend. His stories are some of those which inspired the things in Julie's outback. Also curious about Mr.Gone is that even after Julie cuts his head off, he does not die. He makes Sarah place his head in Julie's apartment and when it rolls out of the bag, Sarah recognizes that it was her father all along. Gone seems truly torn up about the state that Julie and Maxx are in and he does his best to reveal her past in a way that she can understand and except. His continual agitation does eventually cause Julie to see that she and Maxx need to part ways. Gone is reassembled in a doctors office with his head sewn back on in the real world, and Sarah's realization that his father is not dead the series end on a strange note of soliace for Gone. This picks up in the comic book so please read there for more analysis.