The Maxx

The Maxx is a complicated man in many ways, at the beginning of the series we are given reletively little information about him except that despite not looking like one he is in fact, probably, a man. He is a homeless man whose social worker is Julie Winters and he slips between a dream-like world he calls Pangea, and the real world where he lives in a box in an alley. He does not seem to do this because of any drug or drinking issue but rather because he has stumbled into something bigger than himself in terms of psychic entites.

The Maxx of the real world is a pathetic character as he is completely unable to live a normal life. He dresses up in what appear to be purple pajamas with something akin to a lamp shade as his mask and lives his life telling everyone that he is a superhero who is saving the city from the dreadful serial killer and rapist, Mr. Gone. Unfortunately it just isn't true and Maxx spends most of his time hanging around under the underpass, in Julie's house or in jail for causing public disturbances. He is fond of Sara and often spends time telling her and her friends stories as they sit around listening to his mangled thoughts of the real world and this dream world. Maxx is also able to see through the Izs disguises unlike others most likely because they are from the Outback. Maxx gets a pounding headache whenever he is triggered into the Outback and slowly loses his memories of the real world there.

The Maxx of the Outback is a bit more of a hero in that he is charged with protecting his Queen, the Leopord Queen who looks quite a bit like his social worker, Julie. In the Outback Maxx is the strongest person around and he hunts wild Iz and crushes his enemies with amazing strength. This is likely where his dellusions of being a superhero come from, this other world. As Maxx struggles to save the Jungle Queen from herself he finds that it is impossible and the Queen has already been twisted and changed inside without him having lifted a finger. Even when he confronts Mr.Gone on this plane he is unable to beat him. Maxx savors his time in the Outback and seems to consider it his true place in life.

At the end of the series we find that Maxx has not always exsisted in Julie's Outback and that he is not something that she created. Maxx has his own Outback presumably and is his own person. Years ago Julie hit a homeless man and she covered him with trash and when she did so the man was transformed by the psychic guilt that she held inside her into her protector. Maxx and Julie are linked for life in this way but Maxx is able to escape her hold (in both the TV series and comic) and find his own Outback, his own mind yet he still remains in some way as Julie's Maxx. As the protector spirit of the Jungle Queen.