The Jungle Queen

The Jungle Queen, who could also be called the Leopard Queen is a strange and enegmatic figure in the Outback. She does not exist in the real world but is the ruler of the outback with her herd of wild leopards. We first see her in the first episode as a proud figure who is standing tall and surveying her land but she starts to change as we see her in consiquent episodes. Though from what we do know is that either Maxx is her protector and she enjoys keeping him at a distance from her or Maxx has accidently decided to be her protector and she desires nothing of that.

As the series moves on Julie is finally able to meet the Leopard Queen as well during a moment when she flashes into her own conciousness. At this point Maxx has figured out that something is wrong and twisted about the Jungle Queen now, as if she has transformed into another being altogether. Julie is told by the Jungle Queen that all of her leopards have died and she has been twisted by pain into this new creature. When Julie was a child she used to play a game where she pretended she was a queen of the jungle who ran with leopards and protectors and mud huts but as she interalized that feeling of power and it was destroyed by her rape years later she would attempt to protet herself with the image of the jungle.

As Mr.Gone reveals her dual identity as the Jungle Queen and the control that Julie holds over her and Maxx things really start to twist around and the Jungle Queen and Julie are able to come to terms as the same person for the most part and Julie is able to decern the real world and take her place in the Outback without destorying her mind.