Julie Winters

Julie Winter is probably about 25 years old when the series starts and she is our main heroine. We do not know it at first but our intrepid heroine has had some rough patches in her life. She was an architech students many years ago, but dropped out after being raped and left for dead. She hits a bum on the side of the road and instead of helping, covers him with trash. The thing about Julie is that her mind has created another world to deal with the pain she suffered through when she was raped, a place called The Outback. When she suffers through hitting the man The Outback opens once again and the trash that's covering the bum extends around him to form a shell.

After her accident Julie became a social worker, which is how we meet her at the start of the series. Julie surrounds herself with desperate people, especially desperate men likely because of her need to feel powerful. She asserts many times that people need to be sticking up for themselves and take responsibility no matter what happened, even in cases of rape. She spends a lot of her mental energy creating the Outback, though she doesn't realize it yet and the real world becomes unstable because of this. When Mr.Gone ties her up and tries to help her reveal her thoughts and the past, she cuts his head off and ignores the situation.

We are treated to a glimpse of Julie's past in Mr.Gone's story where we learn that Julie's Outback is an amalgamation of her youths dreams and fears based on the stories of Australia her "Uncle" Artie used to tell. We also learn about Julie's spirit animal, the rabbit. When Julie was young she saw a rabbit get hit by a car and while attempting to nurse it back to health, it was clear to her parents that the rabbit would never fully heal. Her mother kills the rabbit while in the garage, a young Julie looking on in horror and shock but without ever saying a word.

Julie's spirit animal is a leopard and she become the Jungle Queen in order to overcome the fear and opression she feels from her powerlessness in the real world. The rabbit, which is represented by Maxx, is a wayward reminder of her inability to control everything. Even though she is subconciously shifting Maxx between the real world and the Outback she is unable to force him to do anything in either world. In fact, in the Outback Maxx is expressly powerless to save her.

The Outback twists and changes as this information is revealed to Julie. She begins to understand the events of the past and disappears at the end of the first story arc. When she returns The Maxx is his human self again, and she confronts Gone one last time.

Julie is a headstrong, tough girl who doesn't know when to let something go, a lesson taught to her by her mother. Julie may be able to take control of her life by dealing with some of the issues surrounding her rape but she is never fully able to come to terms with everything. She spends her life running away (which she does after being raped, after nearly killing the bum, after having her past revealed by Gone and even after confronting Gone again) and despite that she later has a child she seems no more grownup than when we first meet her.