The Iz

The Iz in the Outback are one of many interesting creatures which Julie has dreamed up. This particular creature though seems to play a great deal of signifigance as they are the only known creature to have crossed from the Outback into the Real World. It is to be noted that Iz are white, generally friendly (at least they smile) and are meat eaters who eat Northern Crabbit in the Outback. They run in herds, or droves, around the Outback and will ocassionally have lemur-style events where they throw themselves off of cliffs. Maxx kills a lot of these Iz during his time in the Outback for reasons unknown. Their symbolic meaning is also unknown though it wouldn't be too out of line to think that Iz may represent everyday nuisances since they are not deadly but rather just a minor pain that seem to be everywhere.

Iz are unique in that they can cross over to the Real World. Not only do they come through but they turn black in color and become vicious things instead. This could be seen as a small pain becoming a real problem in theoretical terms. Iz also have a very unique ability once they've crossed over and that is to look like anything they're dressed up as. Mr.Gone takes full advantage of this and dresses them as old ladies, young boys, police officers and many other things to accomplish his tasks. Iz, are not very bright by nature, and die rather easily. They are also seen in Sara's Outback.