Episode #8

Notes: Scene changes and character actions are in italics.

Most of us inhabit at least two worlds, the real world, where we're at the mercy of circumstance, and the world within, the unconscious, a safe place where we can escape. The Maxx shifts between these worlds against his will. Here--homeless--he lives in a box in an alley. The only one who really cares for him is Julie Winters, a freelance social worker, but in Pangaea, the other world, he rules the outback and is the protector of Julie, his jungle queen. There, he cares for her, but he always ends up back in the real world. And me? Old Mr.Gone? Only I can see that the secret which unites them, could destroy them. I could be helpful--ah, screw it--I think I'll have some fun with them first....

Fishing Dock

Julie: I hope Maxx will be alright at home. Last time he glued his hands shut, his claws and everything.

Sarah's Mom: How can you sleep with that thing hanging around your house? He's so scary

Julie: Aw, Maxx is okay he saved my life a couple of times. Besides I couldn't sleep before I met him for years, even now I can only get a couple of hours.

Sarah's Mom: Yeah, I'm like totally weirded out at night. I think it's all this violence we live with. I don't want Sarah to grow up in a world full of violence and gender hatred. Right now she's picking up a friend at the hospital that that rapist attacked. Hey you know my women’s group is going to start monitoring TV shows for violent content. Look Julie, I'm no censor but kids see so much bad stuff in that box


Pete: See look it Henry I told you, there's a guy in a box

Fishing Dock

Sarah's Mom: they just don't relate


Pete: Looks like he's been dead a long time

Fishing Dock

Sarah's Mom: when they see


Henry: Wicked cool Pete he looks all soft and gushy. You think we can mold him like clay?

Fishing Dock

Sarah's Mom: reality


Guy: Hey kids, I don't think that's a very good idea

Pete: What do you care?

Guy: Why don't you boys go home. I'm in pursuit of a dangerous psychopath, the officers and I will tidy up here. Cops in this town sure are short

Henry: Me and my friend want to know who this crazy psychopath is

Guy: He's a wacked out blood junkie with a mean streak they call him hammerhead

Hammerhead: There's the place.

Maxx: Geez this stuff always happens to me right after I glue my hands shut.

Hammerhead: You did that on purpose mauve boy, now I'm gonna do you slow and I'm not even gonna charge Gone any extra

Fishing Dock

Julie: I can't believe you want to get involved in that censorship crap

Sarah's Mom: Well I have to do something the media shoves more and more violence at us, it's almost as if they know what the worst part of us wants.


Hammerhead: I'll suck your blood from your jagged sputtering wounds and I'll laugh

Mr.Gone: Ain't it great when we talk dirty? Hi again. I'm talking to you from inside Julie's head until I get my own back. This is where she keeps the stuff that's....not nice.

Maxx: Ah Gotta run

Hammerhead: Dyin' time

Maxx: He's still alive?

Mr.Gone: Here's where the hero is trapped. 'Fight back' we scream, 'fight back!'

Maxx: I gotta fight back somehow, maybe this will stop him

Mr.Gone: Boy! Look at how tense and rendered the muscles are!

Fishing Dock

Julie: If people want violence there's nothing we can do to stop them

Sarah's Mom: But they don't realize how much violence is around because they're distracted by trivialities

Julie: Hm, maybe we should go in


Maxx: Ouch I think I cut my foot back there

Hammerhead: Smell blood! Hey, not fair!

Maxx: Sorry tooth boy I'm outta here

Hammerhead: BloodBloodBloodBloodBloodBlood

Fishing Dock

Sarah's Mom: It won't start, maybe the batteries dead

Julie: I thought I saw something out there

Sarah's Mom: That's just your media induced paranoia talking. I'm gonna call the auto club.


Maxx: Gotta keep far enough ahead

Mr.Gone: Now Maxx has to fight a shark guy in water. Violence is so entertaining

Maxx: My head, no, not now


Jungle Queen: I am the jungle queen, ruler of this world

Maxx: I thought she was a blond and how come she looks like a bad paperback cover?

Julie: I don't know, this is your dream Maxx

Maxx: So how come your hair is black now?

Julie: And if you're a leopard queen, where is your leopard?

Jungle Queen: Cruelty and pain have changed me, my leopard is dead

Maxx: I really hate this


Hammerhead: Blood smell close, gotta have it! trying to lift truck

Maxx: Right, like that's gonna happen. Hammerhead lifts the truck Okay so maybe it could happen.

Hammerhead: Too close to fail kill crush

Maxx: Great sounds like the closer he gets to his prey the more excited he gets. I'll duck in here. Gah, telephone cords everywhere and that smell!

Man: It's the solvent; we're cleaning the cords today

Maxx: Listen you guys gotta run there's a big hunkin' shark guy about to--I hate my life. Fishy you got no idea how tried I am of hearing you say that. If only my claws were free, hey wait a sec, the solvent must have dissolved the glue, my claws are free!

Mr.Gone: Boy is he mad, I bet we're gonna see something now, something--cool

Guy: A random spark must have ignited the solvent

Officer: Okay doky chief we meep found one of 'em

Guy: No that's not Hammerhead that's just some poor derelict. Hmm the cops in this town sure are short

In the Car

Julie: It's been hours, nobodies coming.

Sarah's Mom: Sure looks like way

Julie: It's all over now. Suppose there's an escaped convict out there and he's killing everyone who's coming down the road, and that's what happened to the repair truck

Sarah's Mom: That's your blood sugar talking

Julie: No, he's out there watching us with a length of pipe. Getting closer…closer wait I think I see--duck!

Julie's mind

Lil Julie: Hey Julie, it sure took you a while to find your way down here.

Julie: And you are?

Lil Julie: Lil Julie, I'm your deepest manifestations of consciousness

Julie: Uh huh, and Maxx is dead in this hallucination?

Lil Julie: He can't exist here; you're the only psychic entity here and these of course

Julie: Aww...baby leopards. So I suppose this is where I learn that for every creature that dies another is born, laying it on a bit thick, aren't we?

Lil Julie: Maybe. They're your symbols.

Julie: But how did you--

Lil Julie: Know about the leopard?

Julie: Yes, that was Maxx's dream. And how do you know--

Lil Julie: What Maxx is dreaming?

Julie: I know everything, the outback, the stupid Izs

Lil Julie: Because you're not a part of his dream, he's a part of yours. Just as the jungle queen is also a part of you

Jungle Queen: I am the part of you that escapes Julie. I reflect what's deep inside. The image of strength and independence you felt before you were...violated. But as I absorb more misery and bitterness, I change. I fear what I am becoming Julie but now that you have seen all this, the world can never be the same size again.

Julie: If she's my subconscious, why is Maxx dreaming her?

Lil Julie: You think too much, let's play

Julie: So Maxx is my animist and you're my--

Lil Julie: This ain't Psych 101 you need a spirit animal to guide you through it all

Julie: A spirit animal? Huh? Like a chipmunk? How do I find one?

Lil Julie: You already have. Just keep coming back here to play with me and help me grow up

Julie: I don't suppose I'll remember any of this when I wake up?

Lil Julie: Oh no this stuff is buried so deep it'll take you years to work through

In the Car

Julie: So that's the story. Oh yeah, there was a maniac that night, the tow truck driver. He knocked a whole right through our wind shield. Sarah brought Glory out of the hospital. There are so scars but Glory seems, almost okay. The weird thing is ever since that night I've been sleeping like a baby.

Alley in a box

Maxx: I wonder how Hammerhead found me. It was like Mr.Gone sent him for me. But, he's dead. I ended up back in my box in the alley. Look's like things are gonna get a lot more dangerous. Anybody who can hire someone like Hammerhead can hire guys even tougher. Did you know they canceled Cheers? Yeah, Julie told me the other day. I know all the people who played them, the actors and stuff, they all got new job but even so it's like they all died for no reason. I just turned away for a second and they were gone. Everybody dies.