Episode #7

Notes: Scene changes and character actions are in italics.

Most of us inhabit at least two worlds, the real world, where we're at the mercy of circumstance, and the world within, the unconscious, a safe place where we can escape. The Maxx shifts between these worlds against his will. Here--homeless--he lives in a box in an alley. The only one who really cares for him is Julie Winters, a freelance social worker, but in Pangaea, the other world, he rules the outback and is the protector of Julie, his jungle queen. There, he cares for her, but he always ends up back in the real world. And me? Old Mr.Gone? Only I can see that the secret which unites them, could destroy them. I could be helpful--ah, screw it--I think I'll have some fun with them first....


Maxx: Huh? The sounds in my head have started again. Good....it helps me think, focus. My claws still feel wet, interesting. Someone coming, someone dangerous, I can smell the sweating leather and peppermint. Out here everything is vile and filled with hatred like an infected boil. But I can hide, I'm good at that. I recognize him, Red Orkan, one of the mountain people, God clan--really mean. I can hear the empty wind punishing the grass, somewhere a bird is screaming. Being near to death always affects me, makes my sense sharper, but Red Orkan has luck on his side, and clumsiness--yikes. They said Red Orkan's club is made from the petrified heart of an air whale and if anyone is smashed to jelly by it he awakes in paradise, awash in oil and sweet milk being served by beautiful slaves but then again, maybe not. Absolute pleasure is highly overrated. There it is, now all I have to do is reach it. By Ricky Rack I love to run to make my legs stretch into through the grass. Run, run, run, and leap! I hurl through the air, my claws snapping the guarding bars like rotten crickets. And I'm in...


Mr.Gone: A bit more to the left, more, more, there. Now, down. Further. Ah perfect. That's his accursed claw, the one that almost. Now let me to see his other claw, now his whole self so I can brood over him like he did over me as I lay helpless before his bestial wrath. Bring the scanner up, not down you idiot, up, UP. That's better, now I can think; now I can...plan.

Julie: Hey Maxx, wake up, wake up. Augh, it's the same every Saturday morning you curl up watching cartoons and fall asleep. I can't sleep at night I'm not gonna stand around and watch you sleep all day. Ugh, the Crapon in a Hat, must be the stupidest cartoon ever made. I mean the Crapon in a Hat teams up with Jean Paul Sartre to fight nausea, sounds like a losing battle to me. Cartoons today are so pretentious.

Mr.Gone: I could put an end to this silly little dalliance right now. Not that I would of course, I just don't operate that way. Would you cut that out everybody knows Iz's don't have eyeballs

Julie: Okay big guy you sleep it's not like some wacky cartoon is gonna infect your brain or something. I'll make us some cocoa okay. Just don't fall in, that's all I need is for you to turn into some kinda stupid cartoon character.

Cartoon World

Crapon: Hello hello, yes hello to me and hello to you. I am the Crapon and I live in a zoo. And it's such a friendly old zoo and such fun you will enjoy it yes you will everyone, every two will enjoy, every three, every four, so come visit my zoo and curl up on the floor. Or if you prefer to curl up in a dumpster that's filled with old garbage I won't say that you can't sir just lean back and relax in that smelly old bin and enjoy our show...

Maxx: What am I doing here? I was just at Julie's. I'm sure that I was. And why am I sure that I was well just because. What has happened to me I'm off model and flatter I've been outlined and blue lined, yes, that's what’s the matter.

Crapon: And do you know what's worse Maxx? Your face, it's a disgrace.

Maxx: Who's said that? And what do you mean about my face?

Crapon: Your face is a disgrace because it is misplaced

Maxx: Misplace my face, no, why it's here under this mask

Fish: How can you be totally sure that is all that I ask?

Maxx: Say could you be a fish in a bowl made of glass

Fish: Yes I say that's the plot now I say you should run

Maxx: Pretty wise, pretty wise but are these guys huh?

Fish: They're your fears, they're your terrors and they live in a cave in the pit of your psyche and all are named Dave

Maxx: All named Dave, all named Dave, what do they want with me?

Fish: To rip off that mask so your face all can see

Maxx: My face, no they can't, they can't do that to me

Crapon: I'm afraid that they can, I'm a guy who should know you see I'm the Crapon and this is my show. And I know what you're got underneath that mask, I just know

Maxx: That's not so, that's not so. I thought you were animated

Crapon: Each line that defines us is carefully weighted. I'm just as real as you are, maybe realer

Maxx: This is just a mad jail and you are just the mad jailer. I am the Maxx, I cannot be held!

Crapon: Such finer rebellions are easily quelled by one who's decided what under your mask, do you want to know? Well do you? Just ask.

Maxx: Friend fish they are trying to tear off my mask, to show me the thing I am frightened to ask

Crapon: Well you're all alone Maxx, your missions forgotten. Only one can remember and you it is not it. Your mask is the face of a man with no head, your mask, it is evil, your fish it is dead

Maxx: My mask is not evil the clever disguise I chose it to hide from the pryingest eyes. So I could do good, and my fish it not dead, my fish is alive, this is not in my head! My fears have returned it is time that I booked and I should face my face it is time that I looked but my face isn't human of that I am sure it is the most horrible awful thing to occur, is it covered by scales? Is it covered by fur? It could be a bears head or even an owl it could look like a fish head or gone with a trowel something grotesque something terribly fowl like the fins of a shark wrapped in somebody’s bowel. This is getting quite deep and I'm starting to fear that I'll be drowned in an ocean of diet root beer. Diet root beer? Yes that's what it seemed, I flashed back to my dumpster so this all was a dream! No I guess not for these guys are still here still ripping and tripping me and what I fear is that if these guys kill me and turn me into a lofa then I'll be just as dead on Julie's old sofa. To be first in the soil which erupts in a coil of trees, vines, and grasses all brought to a boil. Wait. It's different somehow cuz this land isn't mine and my brain has been freed I'm not thinking in. poetry stuff.

Lil Julie: You shouldn't be here this is too private a place

Maxx: Who are you little girl?

Lil Julie: The part of the jungle queen that can't grow up, kinda developmentally stunted

Maxx: Why do I look like an Eagles album cover?

Lil Julie: You're dead

Maxx: Well I figured but if I'm suppose to protect the jungle queen why shouldn't I protect you too?

Lil Julie: This is a holy place, even I don't come here. Go away. No go back the way you came! You've dragged us both into this dimension

Maxx: Now what were you saying?

Jungle Queen: About what?

Maxx: And then I woke up

Julie: Hey Maxx I think you OD’ed

Maxx: Too many cartoons and Pez I guess. Funny but I keep seeing that doll she made of Mr.Gone beheaded. That must mean something. The things that could be under my mask

Julie: Look Maxx that freak nearly killed us and just because you imagine you have a rabbits head in the outback is certainly no reason to fear you might have one here. It's so classic Maxx, you see yourself as some jungle avenger because in your real life you're powerless and I can't blame you we all need someplace to go away to, someplace where we can be who we should have been, instead of who we are, someplace to get away, hide, I know there are things to hide from

Maxx: My mask I can feel it crawling.

Julie: Shh...

Maxx: Please make it stop

Julie: Just rest now. It's okay. It's okay.