Episode #4

Notes: Scene changes and character actions are in italics.

Most of us inhabit at least two worlds, the real world, where we're at the mercy of circumstance, and the world within, the unconscious, a safe place where we can escape. The Maxx shifts between these worlds against his will. Here--homeless--he lives in a box in an alley. The only one who really cares for him is Julie Winters, a freelance social worker, but in Pangaea, the other world, he rules the outback and is the protector of Julie, his jungle queen. There, he cares for her, but he always ends up back in the real world. And me? Old Mr.Gone? Only I can see that the secret which unites them, could destroy them. I could be helpful--ah, screw it--I think I'll have some fun with them first....


Maxx: That's right you little bastard run! You'll lead me right to him! The pounding in my head is like an ice pick, but I can't stop. One minute I see Julie Winters dressed as the leopard queen, and insane. The next I'm back here still chasing this little monster. Gawkers stare at me since to them it looks like a 96 year old grandmother but I know that it is a tool of the evil sorcerer, Mr.Gone! He is a serial rapist and murder who will destroy the city unless I stop him. Of course, maybe they're all staring at me 'cuz I might have just said all that out loud. Oops.


Maxx: Crap it happened again. But this time I've got to keep my city memories. Remember all the people who will be mutilated or killed if I don't find him. Remember, uh, why am I chasing this Iz? Well, I probably had a good reason. The world flickers about me as I run passing by like the spooks of a spinning wheel. Light and dark, real and unreal. Suddenly even a passing air whale has two forms and two meanings. No, I am the Maxx, I must not give in to these fantasies of weakness and doubt. This is some charm laid upon me by some evil shaman, some evil sorcerer. Only the chase has meaning, and the Iz cannot match me. I almost have it--spears! The spotted Susadon dies instantly dragged down to some stingy pit but I survive and triumph. I cannot remember why I--huh? A thousand mindless, panicked Iz swimming from the ground like moles. I will not be taken! I am the Maxx. I am--world starting to change, to fade, must fight, must--NO! They are all dead, all. I have killed all. Huh? I have penetrated to the wet soft white squishy but tooth filled heart of darkness but why? Something about the leopard queen, a magician, and a strange dirty land filled with cities and crime. Crime only I can fight. I can't think about that now. Damn, the net was too fast for me, I feel myself trying. I'm going through some desperate fate but I will be free for am the--

Doll: Mommy....

Maxx: No! I hate waking up to someone else’s nightmare. I especially hate waking up in someone else’s bathroom. And what's worse, this bathroom has leaky pipes. Why do I know this is a bathroom? I am the king of the wild places. I shouldn't know anything about pipes, and gaskets and traps and valves, but I do. Just like I know that dream was not my dream. It belonged to the leopard queen, in some way I can't explain. Hmm, the rod goes up and the water stops, the rod goes down and gets blasted by water

Mr.Gone: A little confused by modern technology, hm, Burlappen? Boo, pretty neat mask right? I use it to frighten the natives away from my Iz harvesting operation. I not only need to trap those little buggers but enough large animals to feed them as well. Oh don't worry, it's only me, Mr.Gone. Man of two worlds and master of disguise. Give this hits Maxx with giant mask to Julie Winters when you see her. After my encounter with her on the fifth zone, I may not have a head to go back to. Maxx attacks him Another tussle, good for the soul, you really don't remember our fight back at the gas station do you?

Maxx: Eat droppings, puck wallow

Mr.Gone: Naughty, naughty Burlappen. Do they teach you to talk like that back at the Warren?

Maxx: Eat (I didn’t catch the rest of this light, feel free to enlighten me)

Mr.Gone: And you're a lot stronger on this side, I'll have to remember that

Maxx: Hairless suckling

Mr.Gone: Maxx we can't waste our time like this

Maxx: Why not? I fight evil and you are evil!

Mr.Gone: No, no, that's just it. You're no superhero you're a protector. Julie Winters, I mean, the leopard queen's protector

Maxx: Huh?

Mr.Gone: The two of you are soul linked, what she feels, you feel. And she is lost. Lost in the city and in her mind.

Maxx: Why should I believe you vile sorcerer?

Mr.Gone: Maxx

Maxx: You are bad

Mr.Gone: Maxx

Maxx: I am good

Mr.Gone: Maxx

Maxx: I am the Maxx

Mr.Gone: MAXX!

Maxx: What?

Mr.Gone: Let me convince you with one word.

Deranged Voice: mommy

Mr.Gone: You see, I know about the dream, about the doll, about everything. I know who you really are, who you were before you found the mask lying in the mud, and what you are now behind the mask, though you've been too cowardly to look.

Maxx: Tell me

Mr.Gone: Maybe later. The truth about you is merely embarrassing. Julie's truth could destroy her

Maxx: And this Julie and the queen of the leopard women are one?

Mr.Gone: Yep. Man this is gonna be a long night. This primitive plane which you think is Australia and I call Pangaea is all that is real, the other world is a dream where we're trapped playing out our deepest fantasies. When Julie Winters was hurt--never mind how--she created a fantasy world for herself, a place where she would have control. You've got to go back there, to the city, find her, and protect her. Keep her from knowing too much of the truth all at once. For the truth will destroy her.

Maxx: At least that's what the villain told me. But who can believe a villain? Still as I talked to Julie I couldn't help but remember his words. He never said anything straight out, only in riddles, but, he implied a lot. He hinted that she was in danger, maybe from herself. Do you think that we're ready for toenail clipping at this stage in our relationship?

Julie: Ho ho funny boy. Here, let me do it, you're too careful.

Maxx: She seems a lot quieter after her encounter with Mr.Gone, more pensive. Calmer.

Julie: You gotta get right in there and trim those babies

Maxx: Ugh, weirder too. Gone told me that 3 years ago an architectural student was beaten and raped and left for dead. Julie, are you gonna be okay? I mean, being kidnapped and all?

Julie: Hey, Gone tried his tricks on me but I got the best of him. So it's history

Maxx: When she got out of the hospital she used all her tuition money to set up a new life as a freelance social worker trying to help other victims of the urban nightmare.

Julie: I hate whining and I hate professional victims. All day I hear sob stories from idiots who can't cope so they pick something to blame. I was robbed, I was raped, nobody loved me. Time out!

Maxx: This woman then used her position to build a wall around herself.

Julie: Everybody's gotta take responsibility for their own life, ya know?

Maxx: She helped people by controlling them, hoping to smoother her own pain. Something like that and somewhere in the wild land, in the land of dreams, in Pangaea, her inner self was imprisoned by her own self loathing. I don't know seems like if somebody’s raped it's not like a test you failed or a job that you get fired from, it's somebody else’s guilt for once. You get to have your own anger and--

Julie: Hey Maxx save the liberal feminist garbage for someone who cares, 'kay?

Maxx: At least that's what Gone told me. I don't know if I believed anything he said. Least of all about Julie

Julie: Sorry. I know you're just trying to watch out for me like you always do but it's over now. I cut the bastards head free you chased him back to god knows where, it's over.

Maxx: In fact I was already having trouble remembering the details of what he said. It was like a dream

Julie: I'm gonna be...just fine a single tear

Maxx: A really bad dream.