Episode #3

Notes: Scene changes and character actions are in italics.

Most of us inhabit at least two worlds, the real world, where we're at the mercy of circumstance, and the world within, the unconscious, a safe place where we can escape. The Maxx shifts between these worlds against his will. Here--homeless--he lives in a box in an alley. The only one who really cares for him is Julie Winters, a freelance social worker, but in Pangaea, the other world, he rules the outback and is the protector of Julie, his jungle queen. There, he cares for her, but he always ends up back in the real world. And me? Old Mr.Gone? Only I can see that the secret which unites them, could destroy them. I could be helpful--ah, screw it--I think I'll have some fun with them first....

Julie's Apartment

Julie: Great, three whole weeks of salads, fruit, and yogurt and I've gained 5 pounds! Oh poop, screw it. Maybe there's something in the fridge, something nice. she is taken away by Iz

Boy: Nothing ever happens to me. I mean, I get up, I go to summer school for stupid algebra, I work on my car, nothing. Now I'm late for this CPR class, I gotta stop for gas and it's about a thousand degrees out, that's nothing special. I just wish something weird would happen--really shake my life up. Not like what happened to Glory of course, I went to see her at the hospital a couple of days ago, it was kinda gross. She's all bandaged up and can't talk or eat, made me feel bad. She said they think they can save her fingers. My dad said it happened because she was a tramp, I think he's full of it, things just happen is all but not to me. Hmm...that's funny, huh? sees Gone's cape falling down never noticed that. Weird. If I was to tug on this thing really hard... tugs on the cape and Gone and Maxx come crashing down Oh I get it, it's that guys cape. I was afraid I broke it of course now I got two big guys fighting on the hood of my car.

Mr. Gone: Give it up Burlappen, you know Julie Winters is the one I want. She's the strong one, the one who pulls at your strings.

Maxx: What are you talking about? And who the hell are you?

Mr.Gone: You really don't remember anything important, do you Burlappen? I'm Mr.Gone, a student of the mystic arts. Unfortunately I'm an untalented student or I wouldn't have to keep shooting fools like you. pulls a gun

Maxx: Hey! Put that down or I'll--

Mr.Gone: grabs hostage Now surrender hopping boy or this charming young chirpy is added to my score Maxx kills her Killed my hostage, YOU KILLED MY HOSTAGE! YOU KILLED MY HOSTAGE! shoots Maxx

Maxx: Ouch

Mr.Gone: Never do that again. Brother, nothing is easy gets in car Don't you lovely ladies have something you could be doing right now? I believe at this moment you are late for a date with destiny. GET OUT OF THIS CAR AT ONCE AND FINISH HIM! I on the other hand have a date with an angel drives off

Boy: That was really smart how you realized that was my CPR dummy in the back of the car. Uh, you did realize that was my CPR dummy, right mister? Right?

Maxx: Uh dummy, uh, right. is attacked by Iz

Boy: Well it was nice meeting you. He didn't say anything but then he was pretty busy. I guess he's the sort of guy that things happen to all the time.

Maxx: -in a dump- Too many, can't fight them all, blacking out, lost too much blood. Pain! Must find Julie.

Mr.Gone: Ah ha, takes Iz out of dump and locks it with the Iz that should do nicely. After all we don't want the locals seeing grannies clipped to trash bins by their teeth now do we?


Maxx: Escaped! Ah it feels good to run and leap again! To feel the soft land under my heels. To know that I am king in this savage place. But even a king must have his jungle queen, if I could just find her then everything will be alright. There she is, but changed...

Julie: Bad doll...

Maxx: Even her voice is different

Julie: This is a bad doll, it keeps telling me things I don't want to hear.

Maxx: What has happened to her?

Julie: And if this bad doll doesn't shut up, I'm going to brush its head right out

Gone's hideout

Mr.Gone: in the tub I ran into your friend Maxx today, Julie. He still hasn't got a clue that you're the key to all this. I killed him of course, shot him, and locked him in a dumpster with a handful of dark Iz. They turn meat eaters when you bring them over, did you know that? blows bubbles Ah, life is good. These little Iz's are pretty interesting. Did you know that to humans, they appear as whatever you dress them as. That's why I set up shop in the old costume warehouse. Pretty clever, huh? Of course the Bulldog Jar Rubber factory above still smells like decaying rubber but I think that just adds to the ambiance, don't you? Not that you're in any position to complain. In fact, I could do anything to you I want

Julie: tied up in a bunny suit Oh please I'm suppose to be dressed up as every cheerleader and prom queen who ever turned you down for a date. And as I beg and whimper you finally achieve some sort of tawdry, sexual revenge.

Mr.Gone: Well, so much for that plan. Iz laughs SHUT UP smashes Iz to death Now, where was I? Oh yes, plan two.

Julie: Is all this baroque posturing suppose to scare me? I mean sure you can kill me, but so can every crack head on my block. aside a tooth from one of those little monsters he keeps around. Must be sharp

Mr.Gone: Trust me. You will fear me.

Julie: I doubt it. You don't have a clue who I am

Mr.Gone: You think I don't know you? I've stalked you

Julie: So what you see me as some little miss perfect to be seduced and disposed of, actually I'm pretty flawed ya know. I've got a fat stomach and chaif marks where my jeans cut in, bad breath from eating the wrong stuff and my under arms are stubbly. You however have a problem with women.

Mr.Gone: How perceptive, did you figure that one out on your own? When I kidnapped you or when I tied you up with leather straps? OF COURSE I'VE GOT A PROBLEM WITH WOMEN. Everyone has a problem with women because women taunt and tease because they are attractive and they punish you for being attractive. You claim to be a pro-sex feminist she cuts herself free but would a feminist of any stripe be so deliberately risk taking? You dropped out of college, set up this freelance social work of yours, started bailing people out of jail and trying to reform them. Surrounded by dangerous, desperate men and look where it's gotten you.

Julie: So it's my fault?

Mr.Gone: I'm not the one who wears the underwear outside her clothes

Julie: This has nothing to do with the clothes I wear. You broke into my house and kidnapped me. You're twisted as a corkscrew and looking to find someone-women, feminism, me to blame it on. Quit whining like a broken doll and get on with it

Mr.Gone: Are you sure that's what you want? I can tell you things Julie Winters, things you've tried to forget. Things about me, yourself, even the Maxx, this whole elaborate fiction you've built up to protect yourself from the truth. Do you remember spirit animals Julie? Do you remember getting your own spirit animal? Do you remember where you were, what it looked like, what the other... You were never able to accept the other plane Julie, never able to revel in it like I have. Instead you hide in this fantasy, remember Julie it's all in your-- cuts his head off with simultaneous image of Jungle Queen brushing the dolls head off

Maxx: I awoke from my daydream of the wild place and teeth were at my throat so I woke and slew but Julie is still kidnapped and the jungle queen is still insane. I didn't protect either of them. I failed. I wish it were time for Cheers, but it's not. It's time for vengeance.