Episode #13

Notes: Scene changes and character actions are in italics.

Most of us inhabit at least two worlds, the real world, where we're at the mercy of circumstance, and the world within, the unconscious, a safe place where we can escape. The Maxx shifts between these worlds against his will. Here--homeless--he lives in a box in an alley. The only one who really cares for him is Julie Winters, a freelance social worker, but in Pangaea, the other world, he rules the outback and is the protector of Julie, his jungle queen. There, he cares for her, but he always ends up back in the real world. And me? Old Mr.Gone? Only I can see that the secret which unites them, could destroy them. I could be helpful--ah, screw it--I think I'll have some fun with them first....

Julie's apartment

Julie: I mean, if you search you're heart, I think you'll see I'm right. You know it's just like that plane

Maxx: I thought you were driving

Julie: Okay bad analogy. Still...look Maxx you gotta give a little here. Come on now. Please don't shut me out. You know we can't go on like this. You rescue me, I come bail you out. I live in your fantasy, you live in mine. We've got to stop pretending

Maxx: But if you leave, everything will change.

Julie: It already has. thinking God that sounds so lame, I just don't know how else to say it. I mean what if Gone is right, what if you are my spirit animal...what if you're trapped in a world I created? Oh, Maxx, why don't you say something? You make me feel so guilty. outloud It's pretty nice up here, huh?

Maxx: Yeah, right

Julie: thinking the only way I can set you free...is to leave ouloud From up here, people sure do look like ants huh?

Maxx: Deep

Julie: thinking that's the only way I'll be free too. Why can't he see that?

Park Kid 1: He's cool. He's big and strong and purple and cool

Kid 2: No he's not. He's a wimp. You saw the way he ran from that shark guy. He's a total coward

Kid 1: Is not! He's got neat claws and big teeth and-

Kid 2: Maxx isn't even slightly cool. Now Mr Gone...he's cool

Kid 1: What? Mr.Gone isn't cool! He's too skinny

Kid 2: He's not skinny, he's wiry.

Sarah: You're both idiots. You don't know what you're talking about. You don't even know what a hero is.

Kid 2: Like you do Sarah?

Kid 1: Maxx is a hero cuz he's got big muscles

Kid 2: Maxx is weak. It takes someone evil like Mr.Gone to kill bad guys. He could smoke both of your without even raising a finger

Kid 1: Yeah right, let's go. Stupid girls...


Maxx: She's leaving. No, not now. No! I'll forget everything. I have to find Julie. Convince her not to leave. NO! caught in a net and down a hole Great, where the heck am I now?

Julie's Apartment

Sarah: So, did you tell him?

Julie: Yeah. I couldn't have handled it any worse if I cut out his heart with a knife and stomped on it.

Sarah: So it went smoothly then?

Julie: Hey, you're dealing with a pro here. He's so fixated on me. I mean when does my responsibility for him end?

Sarah: It's not like you're worried you'll find him under your window ignoring a restraining order and trying to kill your pets, are you? Well, are you?

Julie: Of course not. It's just, sigh, I don't know. I just have to remember that I'm right. I just have to stand my ground. Stay firm and not falls through box budge.


Maxx: Gone

Gone: That's Mr.Gone to you claw boy. Actually you're just the little bundle of negative reinforcement I wanted to talk to. I have to tidy up my karma on this plane before I go

Maxx: Julie told me she was leaving

Gone: Really? I didn't think that girl would ever read ahead in the prospectus. Did she also inform you that every time I tried to tell her about her past...she'd cut my head off?

Maxx: But she's leaving

Gone: Oh, grow up. She has to buddy. Just like i have to get things straightened out with Sarah before I can go on. Oh and by the way Maxx I do have some good news for you. You're not a bunny rabbit after all--well not on this plane anyway. You see Maxx, you just got in the way of Julie's spirit animal

Maxx: But

Gone: I'm losing you, aren't I? In reality Maxx you're just some poor schmuck in the wrong place--

Maxx: But she's leaving

Gone: sigh Let me try this again. She’s leaving because she has to. Otherwise we'll all be trapped in here forever. Don't you want to know what you're outback is like after she isn't there? After all it isn't like she really needs you Maxx drops his head and steps on it Very mature.


Maxx: Huh? NO! I will not be stopped. Must find the jungle queen.


Julie: Ouch, I gotta watch where I walk barefoot

Sarah: Mom called and said to write her if you need anything. Hey, can I get a ride with you on your way out?

Julie: Sure. So when you talked to your mom did you happen to mention that there's a small chance that this whole world is my dream? And if I leave this city and wake up it could end everything...

Sarah: I guess I did leave that part out

Julie's Apartment

Julie: Probably just as well. It's not exactly my favorite part. Maxx! Maxx are you here. I got Pez, huh? That usually works. Maxx, I've come to say goodbye

Maxx: Bye

Julie: Damn it Maxx why are you acting this way? It's not like you think that you'll disappear if I leave right? Right Maxx? right? God Maxx...you do...Oh it's gonna be alright. Damn you, why I have to be the bad guy here? Maxx if you really cared about me you wouldn't make this any harder then it already is.

Maxx: Then I don't care

Julie: No I will not let it end like this. You know what, you're too selfish to see that I'm doing this all for you!

Maxx: Then why bother?

Julie: Isn't it obvious you ass? We supposedly take care of each other

Maxx: Is leaving your way of taking care of me?

Julie: Well, sure. Is this the life you want? Fighting in a world that doesn't make sense just so you can protect me in way I don't need.

Maxx: Yes

Julie: well I want something more

Maxx: I'm through begging Julie. I think if you look deep inside, you already know the right thing to do

Julie: You're right Maxx, I do. But I'm the only one strong enough to do it. Julie leaves

Maxx's mask falls to the floor and he sheds his costume


Sarah: You packed everything?

Julie: Uh huh

Sarah: Is he gonna be alright?

Julie: Sure

Sarah: Are you gonna be alright?

Julie: Can we just go Sarah? Sorry. Are you sure you got it all?

Sarah: You can always come back if you need to

Julie: No Sarah, I can't.

Outside near a greenhouse

Maxx: I can remember now. Mr.Gone, he said if I let Julie go, I would find out what my own outback is. I would be free. And so would she.