Episode #12

Notes: Scene changes and character actions are in italics.

Most of us inhabit at least two worlds, the real world, where we're at the mercy of circumstance, and the world within, the unconscious, a safe place where we can escape. The Maxx shifts between these worlds against his will. Here--homeless--he lives in a box in an alley. The only one who really cares for him is Julie Winters, a freelance social worker, but in Pangaea, the other world, he rules the outback and is the protector of Julie, his jungle queen. There, he cares for her, but he always ends up back in the real world. And me? Old Mr.Gone? Only I can see that the secret which unites them, could destroy them. I could be helpful--ah, screw it--I think I'll have some fun with them first....

Julie's Apartment

Sarah: Are you keeping all these hockey sticks?

Julie: Yes

Sarah: That was really weird how that white thingy burst in here and grabbed my dads head and then vanished, huh?

Julie: Yeah, that was weird. But after hanging out with Maxx so long, I just can't tell anymore

Sarah: I hate my dad. Pretending to be dead when all this time he was that stupid rapist-murder, Mr.Gone

Julie: internally Or do you hate him because he left you?

Sarah: And you cut his head off! That's the bravest thing I've ever heard of.

Julie: No Sarah, the bravest thing would have been to listen to him

Gone: Very good doctor and make sure those braces are nice and tight. Got to keep the old spinal cord in place, eh? Or and doc, don't go all tense on me just 'cuz there's a whole army of Iz's behind that door. It's not like they're going to devour you once you finish sewing my head back on. Let me entertain you doctor with a little fairy tale...

Mr.Gone tells us a little fairy tale

Gone: My name back them was Artemis B.Gone I was about 10 pounds lighter and I was a pretty dabber fellow. This is the story of a little girl I still know.

Little Julie: Hi, you remember me. There's our house. Mommy and daddy, my room. I love the old elm tree by my window.? I sit under it sometimes and pretend that I'm a jungle queen and have adventures and then I come back inside and cuddle in bed (my bed is big) and I'm safe. My daddy draws buildings. he draws the insides of office buildings downtown. This is the lobby of the Dexter Basco something building. It'll be beautiful if it's ever built. If I were going to work in a building this is where I would want to work. Daddy wanted to paint covers for paperbacks, but he didn't because publishers are dumb mommy says. Sometimes when he thinks I'm asleep daddy stabs his drawings with a pencil over and over and says bad things. Daddy always smells like a closet with a lot of polished shoes and hats in it. Mommy is pretty but she always says she's just a dither brain.

Mommy: *on the phone* Oh hello mister Walterís. No John isn't home. You can't give him the raise? Yes, I totally understand but John will be devastated. He'll hate leaving you. Leave? Oh yes, that nice Mr. Tate has been calling everyday. twice some days, but John keeps saying how he'd rather stay with you if he had even a little more--you can? You will? Oh, how very generous of you Mr. Walterís

Daddy: Guess what! Old man Walter's came through!

Mommy: giggle oh please don't talk business you know it makes my head spin

Daddy: Pizza for both my girls!

Little Julie: Daddy and I have a lot in common. Bugs for instance. Ick--a bug

Daddy: Ick--a bug. Maybe it'll just work out of here on it's own

Mommy: Uh-oh. steps into room purposely stepping on bug Time for dinner everybody

Little Julie: Mommy always does what has to be done. Something in her shuts off and she pretends it didn't happen. I guess that's what being a mommy is all about. One day, I found a bunny in the road squashed like a piece of clay. Like the clay I make my pretend houses out of. It's hurt, screaming--I didn't know bunnies could scream. But maybe I could make it better, like I fix my houses after I smash them with a hammer. I took it home so it could be my friend...it's not screaming anymore but now all it does is look at me--and wait. My stomach hurts. Uncle Artie came to visit one day. I thought mom said he moved but he just went to Australia but now he's back. He stays down the hall from me and sometimes he whistles. I guess I like him okay.

Artie: The outback is unbelievable. Air whales the size of--

Little Julie: Except when he makes stupid noise during Corneal Kangaroo. Sometimes I think he looks like my doll. Daddy likes to talk with him for hours, to laugh with him. Then he leaves. He just drives away, and then I'm alone. All with my little friend. The bunny is under my bed all the time now. It doesn't get better. It just makes this little scarping noise with it's good leg. I can hear it all the time now, even when I'm in the yard under my good tree.

Daddy: Good night pumpkin

Mommy: Good night

Little Julie: Nothing is fun anymore. All I can do is hear that noise. My stomach hurts. And all of a sudden--it stops. I want to make it better but I'm not sure how.

Julie's Apartment

Sarah: Julie, can I throw out the cracked records?

Julie: No

Sarah: The broken flower pots?

Julie: No

Sarah: You can't take all this stuff. Split golf-balls? You don't even play

Julie: You never know

Gone (voiceover): So doctor, does it surprise you that I, Mr.Gone, am a student of irony? Well, I am. For example the white Iz that came over from the outback to save me is currently being tormented by his brother, the dark Iz. And though he rescued me from petrifaction and I could end his torture with just one word, I won't. laughs I find that very ironic. However since you know that once you are done the dark Iz will probably torture you as well I can see why the more subtitle aspects of this plot are lost on you. Pity. To continue...

Mr.Gone's Story

Mommy: John

Julie: I can't sleep. It's like the bunny is scarping right into my stomach.

Mommy: John, we have to do something

Julie: I'm mad at the bunny for being sick and bothering me.

Mommy: Get up!

Julie: For being alive.

Daddy: Pumpkin can I see what you've got there? Uh sweety I think the bunny need to live out in the garage to get better Oh god. Look at it's leg

Mommy: That was very strong of you John

Little Julie: Bunny? All I know is...I couldn't help the bunny.

Julie's Apartment

Sarah: Do have the guacamole knives?

Maxx: Yep

Sarah: Did you remember to wrap the Star Trek commemorative mugs?

Maxx: Yep

Sarah: What about the Buster Keaton (didnít catch that) and kaleidoscopes?

Maxx: Got it. Women--geez--I know how to carry stuff

Sarah: Julie, did you tell him yet?

Julie: What? That I think we have a co-dependent relationship and that I'm leaving the city sigh I don't know how

Sarah: That sounds good, why don't you tell him that?

Julie: Why don't you tell him?

Sarah: You're the one he's dependent on. The one whom he based his own painful, horrible, miserable existence around. Whose only support he has in a cold--

Julie: Sarah. Make this harder, why don't you?

Sarah: Hey, maybe I don't want you to leave either.

Mr.Gone's Story

Little Julie: Mommy and daddy tried to talk to me about the bunny.

Daddy: Listen sweety, it's really for the best

Little Julie: They explained how the vet couldn't do anything that the bunny just has to wait in the garage until god comes for him. they tell me death is a natural part of life. After a while I can't hear them anymore and I can't hear the scarping in the garage. All I can hear is what I want. Like the noise of my comb going through my dolls hair. The hair makes lots of noise. Nothing seems the same anymore.

Doll's head in Artie's voice: Don't worry, it's just me. Uncle Artie. So do you think the bunny's dead yet? she combs the head off the doll

Daddy: Julie, honey, you broke your doll...combed it head right off... Uh...your mom and I are worried about you honey. You shouldn't think about the bunny so much, it'll ummm...probably get better real soon. Honest.

Little Julie: Daddy can't lie nearly as well as mommy. the bunny makes scraping noises her mother gets up and goes to the garage I knew Mommy would come, because mommy always fixes everything. Daddy leaves the important stuff to her, and she takes care of it. her mother smashes the bunny 6 times with the shovel or makes it disappear so you don't have to think about it.

Mr.Gone: So that's how our little story ends doc. Not with a bang or a whimper, but with a thwack. Little Julie never did mention that incident. Neither did her mother or father. something in Julie shut off that night in a way she's been 8 years old ever since. Julie learned something from her mom that night. Something she would use from then when she was attacked one night and left for dead. The ability to suppress. To submerge and to bury. Passed down from mother to daughter. The pain of facing it versus the pain of keeping it. Like all that junk Julie has in her house that she just can't get rid of. I guess you could say it's a no-win situation, eh doc. But actually you couldn't say any of that doctor you aren't as we say "all here". Well most of you is here but then some of you is there and some of you is over there chuckle well, you know what I mean. Au ruiovr doc, it's been swell

Julie's Apartment

Sarah: So, you ready?

Julie: Just about. Things are a lot clearer around here now. When I was trapped in the outback I kept meeting little versions of myself. I think that means there's still a lot of stuff for me to learn about myself before I can go screwing with other people.

Sarah: I suppose you're keeping this old rusty shovel too?

Julie: No Sarah...throw it out.