Episode #11

Notes: Scene changes and character actions are in italics.

Most of us inhabit at least two worlds, the real world, where we're at the mercy of circumstance, and the world within, the unconscious, a safe place where we can escape. The Maxx shifts between these worlds against his will. Here--homeless--he lives in a box in an alley. The only one who really cares for him is Julie Winters, a freelance social worker, but in Pangaea, the other world, he rules the outback and is the protector of Julie, his jungle queen. There, he cares for her, but he always ends up back in the real world. And me? Old Mr.Gone? Only I can see that the secret which unites them, could destroy them. I could be helpful--ah, screw it--I think I'll have some fun with them first....

This is a mostly clip show, so I won't put all the scenes, possibly I will come back and edit it

Mr.Gone: Are you in the mood for a story? Because I've got quite a good one to tell you. It's about a little lady named Julie Winters, mind you, if she heard me call her that, she'd cut my head off. *chuckling* But I'm getting ahead of myself, she doesn't do that until later. The Maxx, how can I describe that big, purple lummox? Oh, I just did. He's lives in a box in an alley but he thinks he's a superhero. And believe me, the city needs one. See, it's being terrorized by a serial murderer don't tell anyone but the bad guy, c'est moi. It's me, Mr.Gone, at your service. I attack people, sometimes kill them, and then I call Julie up and tell her about them

Julie: phone rings Hello City Health and--

Mr.Gone: I did it all for you Julie, the pain, the sex, it was all for you.

Julie: Hello?

Mr.Gone: The others cry out for you Julie. Their screams of agony are the kisses I place upon your neck.

Mr.Gone: Hey, it beats a day job. These charming little fellows are the Iz. They do a lot of the dirty work for me. You have to learn to delegate.

Iz laughs

Mr.Gone: SHUP UP!

Iz jump out of car

Mr.Gone: Get out of this car and finish him!

Mr.Gone: The fun thing about the Iz is that they can take on the appearance of other things like a little man in a raincoat or a car full of grannies. And while they're black here in this plain, in the outback they're pure white--now I didn't mention the outback? Pangaea? now there's someplace you must visit. Maxx and Julie do it's kinda like their *deep inhale* hmm, weekend place if you're weekend place were a barren desert teaming with ravenous monsters and you couldn't control when and how you got there. In the outback Julie is a jungle queen and Maxx her all powerful protector. Don't say I said so but the outback probably only exists in her imagination. Hmm, heavy. Anyway Maxx goes along fighting bad guys and looking for me while Julie continues her mission to turn bad fashion choices into political statements. And me? I just keep on terrorizing the city, until I finally get around to kidnapping Julie. Just as I'm getting ready to destroy her, she's frees herself with an Iz tooth and pretty much beheads me. Well that's okay no bones broken, I'll, I'll adjust. You see Julie hates it when I play with her mind telling her things she'd rather not face like that she was attacked and left for dead as a student or things about her mother and her father and the cute little bu--oops ah ah ah, musn't spoil the surprise but you see, I have to tell Julie these stories...

Outback Julie: And you are?

Little Julie: Little Julie, I'm your deepest manifestation of consciousness, just as the jungle queen is also a part of you

Jungle Queen: I am the part of you that escapes Julie. I reflect what's deep inside. The image of strength and independence you felt before you were...violated. But as I absorb more misery and bitterness, I change. I fear what I am becoming Julie but now that you have seen all this, the world can never be the same size again.

Mr.Gone: Do you think I like torturing her? See her confused and in pain? Of course I do!

Julie: What are you doing to me?

Mr.Gone: Showing you the truth

Julie: Stop this! It HURTS!

Mr.Gone: But that's not why I keep bringing her to a place she doesn't want to go, to hear things she doesn't want to hear, It's because I made a promise and we sadistic psychopaths pride ourselves on being true to our word, that's why it's so infuriating when hopping boy keeps getting in my face preventing me from discharging my obligation. Well, no point in being a gloomy Gus. So now meet the apple of my eye, the light of my life. This is Sarah, and what a kid, she's a breath of fresh air, a spritzer with a twist in a cold bleak world you can always count on Sarah to provide a warm ray of sunshine.

Julie's Apartment

Julie: So tell me how you're feeling

Sarah: Why? Feelings are stupid

Julie: Sounds like you have some good reasons to feel that way

Sarah: Oh like cuz I'm fat and ugly. Or maybe because I have zits and glasses and most kids my age think I'm a joke and so I try to run away from myself by shutting everybody out. You mean like those kinda reasons?

Mr.Gone: Well you know, she's at that awkward stage. Besides her life could have been better. Her mother is a relic from the 60's hoping to be reunited with her lost brain cells. Sarah's mom and Julie argue about things that we serial killers don't really find important. And then there are the kids at school you know how cruel children can be. Now that I think about it, Sarah's not really having such a good year that's probably why she carries her fathers gun around--by the way...did I mention that Maxx likes to watch cartoons? laughs Can you imagine any intelligent adult doing that? Yes, sometimes he falls asleep in front of the television

Julie: Just don't fall in, okay? That's all I need is for you to turn into some kind of stupid cartoon character

In the cartoon Crapon: Hello hello, yes hello to me and hello to you. I am the Crapon and I live in a zoo. And it's such a friendly old zoo and such fun you will enjoy it yes you will everyone, every two will enjoy, every three, every four, so come visit my zoo and curl up on the floor. Or if you prefer to curl up in a dumpster that's filled with old garbage I won't say that you can't sir just lean back and relax in that smelly old bin and enjoy our show...

Maxx: What am I doing here? I was just at Julie.

Crapon: Well you're all alone Maxx, your missions forgotten. Only one can remember and you are not it. Your mask is the face of a man with no head, your mask, it is evil, your fish it is dead

Mr.Gone: Maxx's problem is you have to keep him busy or his mind wanders. I do what I can. Send surprise enemies his way whenever I can. I keep hoping one of them will take him out of the picture so I can get on with Julie's education. But, no such luck. He shrinks, he grows. Julie too. She goes to strange places, and guess who's always forced to tag along? Anyway I promised to tell you a story but the best part is yet to come see Julie has just seen Maxx without his mask its' causing her to think. This may be very good for yours truly. I believe Julie is finally beginning to wonder about who Maxx really is and why the are really together and whether she wouldn't be better off exchanging him for a support group and some hand packed ice cream. On the other hand, when Julie thinks she gets angry, and that can be very bad for yours truly. It really can be hard being omnipotent. But here's a bright spot, Sarah's learned a lot about herself from staring at a stone horse. Well, who wouldn't? And just for laughs, I've worked it so that there's a fowl smell coming from Julie's place. Hmm, I wonder what it could be. laughs Alright you caught me and I know what it is, and you will too if you pay attention. laughs I love my work.

Mr.Gone: Hi ya doc. I suppose you're wondering why you've been tied up. Dragged out of the mall down into the basement of the jar rubber factory. Your bathroom decorated in a cow motif. And are currently in the dark surrounded by dark blue cannibalistic homunculi. *laughs* everyone does. But first let me tell you about some other things I have hidden around this wide open city we call home.

In the park

Sarah: Hey Glory, you coming back to school this year?

Glory: I don't know there's therapy and things. I don't really feel safe anyway, ya know? Not after what happened and all

Sarah: Well you were messed up pretty bad by that guy

Boy: Mr.Gone, boy I sure wish I could get ahold of that slime ball. I'd break his spine just like shadow hawk

Boy2: Grr, me too

Glory: Thanks guys but he'd just kill you, he's too strong. I thought I was tough, but I was nothing

Maxx: *groans* I think it's time for a story

Boy 2: A story about the Maxx? Oh boy!

Sarah: So, is this one going to make any sense?

Maxx: They all make sense...at least to me. Anyway the Maxx was resting on the prudent jungle floor when the Dicant came sneaking up from overhead

Boy: A what?

Maxx: A dicant, it's one of the major predators. What do they teach you kids in school anyway? And suddenly it sprang, pretty decent roar considering it has no animal tissue to work with.

Boy: Huh?

Maxx: Sure, the dicant is plant everybody knows that.

Julie: Ah, I wish Maxx wouldn't leave the seat up. Hn, this is still the best place in the world to think and I've got plenty to think about now that I know what's under that mask. I wonder if he really is my spirit animal or maybe I'm just completely nuts.

Maxx: As a mutated plant the dicant has no vital organs. It has spines for teeth and tongue of rubbery shell which stretches instead of breaking. It as strong as a panther, bright as clover, and has spasms of killing rage. The Maxx slashed at it again and again and again to no avail

Julie: This whole thing is a mess, spirit animals don't exist but the huge purple clad super heroes aren't supposed to exist either. And I've seen the outback, Maxx's weird world, for myself. That headless psychopath Gone implied I created it, that I was responsible for everything. There's gotta be a way out of this. Someway to--oh that's just great, there's no toilet paper. Oh Maxx...

Maxx: There is only one way to kill a dicant hold it by its four feet, reach inside it's throat, turn it inside out and throw it into seawater. Unfortunately Maxx was so wrapped up in his grim work that he failed to notice that he was smack dab in the middle of an Iz suicide migration.

Julie: That thing I saw behind the mask wasn't Maxx. Not the Maxx I know anyway. Then what was it? If there was some spirit bunny part of myself wouldn't I recognize it? Maybe I'm so screwed up I wouldn't know my own spirit animal if it bit me in the ass. Maybe I'm not so screwed up, yeah, and maybe the toilet paper spirit will show up and hand me some fresh toilet paper. Ah I probably don't even have a toilet paper spirit...

Maxx: For a moment Maxx was disoriented but then he realized that he had wondered into an Iz field, a breeding ground where the unripe Iz live, fattening on the unwary, until they break free in a wave and begin their long destructive march to the sea. And then he saw the Umwitague, or walking mountains. These huge guardians are the slaves of the sea bringers, they keep Crabbits and Frestorsbolds from dining on unripe Iz flesh. They are manically strong and fiercely loyal...oh yeah...they only know one song.

Julie: Thank god for paper towels. Ya know, leaving aside this bunny stuff what do I really know about the real life Maxx? Basically nothing, he's a total mystery. For all I know, he could be a killer. Doesn't feel like he's dangerous but I just don't trust my instincts anymore. The sad thing is the minute that Maxx put the mask on I've been confusing him with all my bunny stuff. My god our relationship is so twisted I'm not sure we could ever understand each other like normal people. I guess the whole thing is just a bust, I really don't like where this is going. Neither will he

Maxx: The Umwatague turned toward him, their every movement was ripe with anger. They weren't smart enough to have more then one emotion at a time. Suddenly something drove up from under the Iz and came right at the Maxx. The Iz fell away and the Maxx saw it clearly--he was trapped!

Glory: What was it?

Boy: What happened?

Boy 2: Was it a giant Susadon?

Maxx: Uh, no, it was a Buick

Boy: That's stupid

Glory: A car?

Sarah: I told you it wouldn't make any sense.

Boy 2: That's so stupid. Even I know there's no cars in the outback

Boy: I don't get it

Maxx: Neither do I

Back Alley

Mr.Gone: Wasn't that interesting, doctor? Now let's look in on another part of the city. An anonymous alley I like to think of as Mike.

Jasper: See I told you Link there's light pouring out of that wall

Mr.Gone: I left a hole in old Mike when I passed into this world to find my daughter

Link: I don't know Jasper, maybe it's a crack in heaven. Maybe would should tell somebody? Hey look! Iz starts coming through the wall

Gone: Of course I had to. Little did I know a white Iz would make it through unchanged.

Jasper: Quick, catch it!

Link: You catch it! What was that thing?

Jasper: I don't care, I'm gonna see what heavens like

Gone: Now doc I feel kinda bad lying to my daughter but I love that wacky girl

Jasper: Brace me real good puts his hand in

Gone: And I couldn't let her see me like this, now could I? Headless and all the shock alone

Jasper: Oh no becomes frantic

Gone: would put her over the edge

Jasper: I'm stuck can't get his arm out

Gone: sigh Yet another failed attempt by man to bridge the gap between the spiritual and material worlds. Let's see what that white Iz is up to. Oh the poor blind guy is trembling. No wonder he's afraid this world is completely foreign to him. Excellent, he's right at Julie's window, I can FEEL it. Unfortunately only one white Iz was close enough to respond to my interdimensional mental whistle. That dark Izs are so much smart, ah, you do what you can. Note as the white Iz peers in on our heroine as the lovely Julie Winter's is about to say:

Julie's Apartment

Julie: Ew! This is it alright and it smells putrid. Geez, did I bring a carton of fish home and forget to refrigerate it? How stupid

Sarah: entering Uh, Julie there's something I gotta tell you

Julie: Hi Sarah, what's up?

Sarah: Well, see, there was this clay and--

Julie: You didn't buy a box of meat and leave it here, no, of course not, why would you do that? Never mind.

Sarah: Umm

Julie: Well let's crack this baby open and learn the bad news.

Sarah: See I wanted to know about my spirit animal and the clay told me to if I--

Julie: Clay? What are you babbling about Sarah?

Sarah: It's all my fault. Julie wait don't *grabs her arm* touch it. It's some kind of trap I just know it!

Julie: Sarah, have you gone completely bonkers? pulls bag away Oops.. something rolls off the table OH MY! It's horrible! It's disgusting!

Sarah: It's just my...dad zoom in on Gone's deathly head