Episode #10

Notes: Scene changes and character actions are in italics.

Most of us inhabit at least two worlds, the real world, where we're at the mercy of circumstance, and the world within, the unconscious, a safe place where we can escape. The Maxx shifts between these worlds against his will. Here--homeless--he lives in a box in an alley. The only one who really cares for him is Julie Winters, a freelance social worker, but in Pangaea, the other world, he rules the outback and is the protector of Julie, his jungle queen. There, he cares for her, but he always ends up back in the real world. And me? Old Mr.Gone? Only I can see that the secret which unites them, could destroy them. I could be helpful--ah, screw it--I think I'll have some fun with them first....

On a Building Downtown

Sarah: The clay told me to listen to the horse. That it was my spirit animal. God, that sounds so lame, "the clay told me". I even brought the clay to Julie's house. That's where I saw the itty bitty purple guy fighting that blue marshmallow with teeth, which explains why I'm crazy. No crazier then the stupid architect who put these animal heads on the side of this building. Psh, a horse, I think I like the squirrel better. At least maybe a squirrel would tell me the secrets of the universe instead of me standing here hour after hour waiting. Life is pretty pathetic when even your own hallucinations lie to you. Maybe I have to get closer.


Mr.Gone: No, no, no time left, I have to do it now roar from a creature behind Julie

Julie: Huh? turns around and stabs animal with a branch

Mr.Gone: That little crème filled blintzes is going native, I better book Julie grabs him, he is about 3 inches tall

Julie: You! I always knew you weren't dead, now I want the truth!

Mr.Gone: Talk to Descartes toots.

Julie's Apartment

Maxx: Maxx is triumphant over the ravenous pharanasorus. Maxx has plan to rid jungle of demonic beast. This good plan. Maxx clever. Maxx is steadying, drops coffee table out the window oops.

Julie: Who's out there? I can hear someone. Maxx? Are you out there Maxx? I'm still locked in the bathroom.

Maxx: I'm coming Julie.

Julie: It's about time! Maxx, you're mask...it's fallen. You're...you're a...oh god.


Maxx: Wow, just look at those Iz's eat. gets run into by an airwhale Uh, I meant to do that


Sarah: Nothing's happening. No insights, no flashbacks, no neat explanations of why my life is so miserable. No nothing. What kind of spirit animal are you? I mean, I'm here, I'm listening, say something. 'Course the only thing stupider then a talking horse, other then Mr.Ed of course, is a girl who looks to one for answers.

Julie's Apartment

Julie: Maxx? Maxx did you always...under the mask I mean, was this the secret? Why you were sent here. Or is this some kind of awful joke. For god sake Maxx, answer me.


Mr.Gone: Julie, you're still in the bathroom. With that twisted, leering, long eared...

Julie: And here seeing...the...the lamp? Spray of water drops over this thick Gone echoes her

Mr.Gone: ...thick blue surface. The pain, the blood.

Julie: What...are...you...doing to me?

Mr.Gone: Showing you the truth

Julie: Stop this! It hurts!

Mr.Gone: Ah, and I thought this was what you wanted. Did you see it? Behind the mask?

Julie: How...do you know about that? How do you know about everything?

Mr.Gone: Very simple. A part of me in projected into the other world, into your home, in fact, I'm there right now. Listening, that's how I know the outback is getting smaller and smaller and the world of the city is growing. When you spoke to your other selves yesterday you damage the barriers, now the worlds are unbalanced. I'd go into detail but you have a nasty habit of cutting off my head when I tell you the truth. Are you so afraid of wet, blue--

Julie: Shut up!

Mr.Gone: Oh...not again Julie takes his head off


Sarah: What has it been? 3 weeks I've been coming up here. Staring across at this stupid horse. I know I will never hear this horse. I'm beginning to wonder about the lengths I go to. Looking for answers in garbage heaps, on roof tops, even in the stories of an old bum. Well, not anymore. I'm sick of it. It'll be a million years before I do something that stupid again. And then just as I go to leave, the weirdest thing pops into my head. This poster in my mom's room. One of the those sickening, sticky sweet, big eyed kids message posters, you know the kind, I think it goes something like "and the day came when the risk to remain closed in a bud became more painful then the risk it took to blossom". Ugh, so this poster thing keeps popping into me head and I'm staring at the horse and he's staring back and nothing's happening. And this bad poem keeps running over and over in head. It won't stop. And suddenly I feel tears running down my--oh god, I know what you're thinking. Oh how sweet, the big eyed kid poem is making her cry. And it's not that. And I'm thinking please please please god please don't let my spirit animal talk to me through a hypoglycemic poster. Letting something this profound be conveyed in words this trite. Please don't let the horse speak to me this way. But it was too late because I had heard it and I could never go back again.


Maxx: I wonder if this means I've been hanging off a Goodyear blimp for the last 15 minutes. Do you have any idea how hard it is to catch an air whale in this direction? Great, now we're stuck in a million miles of primordial wilderness.

Julie: Bitch, bitch, bitch


Maxx: Uh-oh

Julie: Please tell me it's not so. Please please please tell me I haven't been sitting up here for god knows how long

Sarah: *walks by* Julie? What are you doing up there?

Julie: Oh Sarah, I'm forgetting it all.

Sarah: Come on, I'll get you home

Maxx: What the hell are you staring at kid?

Julie: But I'm almost sure that I killed somebody

Sarah: Sure you did, it's okay. When you're feeling better, I wanna tell you about this horse.

Julie: Horse? No no see it's more like a--

Sarah: Shh

Julie: Sarah, do you see my full ottoman lying on the sidewalk?

Sarah: Yes

Julie: It’s not supposed to be there, is it?

Sarah: No

Julie: Okay, just checking

Julie's Apartment

Julie: That Sarah's a nice kid. Man, something stinks; did you check your shoes?

Maxx: Uh-huh

Julie: So how much do you think of it was true?

Maxx: Uh, I don't know, how much of it can you remember now?

Julie: Some. Enough. Do you think Gone was lying?

Maxx: About having a part of himself in this room? Definitely not. I can feel him here. Somewhere

Julie: Yeah, me too, where is that smell coming from?